Summer Start Campus Living



Summer START participants are strongly encouraged to live on-campus. Our students live together in residence halls on main campus central to campus resources. Residence Advisers (RAs), Graduate Assistants (GAs), and START Mentors (SAs) are available 24 hours a day to assist new students as they find their way on NC State's campus.

Our RAs, GAs, and SAs are there to provide a supportive and secure environment that encourages a sense of community conducive to study and relaxation. Evening and weekend programs in the residence halls encourage student involvement on campus while also promoting academic skill building and social involvement.

Same-sex roommates will be assigned. Several dining facilities are located within walking distance of the residence hall. Meal plans are available in varying levels and are listed as part of the program costs.

Participants are also given access to all the amenities they will have in the fall semester. The Student Health CenterCarmichael Gymnasium, and the NCSU Libraries are all operational during the summer.

Please keep in mind that the application for summer housing will be separate from your fall semester housing request. Once you confirm to Summer START, we will contact you with registration procedures for summer housing.

Interim Housing Option & Expenses

Students may have the option to move into their fall housing assingment early follwing the end of the Summer START program on Saturday, August 1st. To move solely their belongings into their fall placement, a fee of $25 will be billed to the student account. To move in their belongings, receive a key, and stay in the room for the gap period between the summer and fall semester, a fee of $210 will be billed to the student acocunt. Students will be able to sign up for this option during Summer START.