Summer Start Courses


Get an early start on your NC State degree! Summer START participants can earn up to 8 credit hours in just five weeks.   Summer START participants have the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses.  Some students use Summer START as an opportunity to get a semester ahead in certain course tracks while others retake courses they took in high school to prepare for more rigorous college level courses.  Summer START is a great way to adapt to the rigors of college academics and get a jump start on a path towards four year graduation.

All students are given the option to enroll in USC 100: Transition into a Diverse Community. All majors at NC State require a diversity course for graduation and this fills that requirement. The course focuses on building a successful community in helping students acclimate to campus while learning about campus resources. 

Students are offered courses to accelerate their path within their specific major in their college.  Each college will have multiple paths in which a student will be advised to take.  Many paths allow students to get started on their first major course meaning they will be working on sophomore level courses in the spring of their first year.  Summer START staff works alongside advisors from the incoming students major to decide the best course path for the student. 

International Students:Upon acceptance to Summer START, International students will be enrolled in courses to help facilitate the transition to the American higher education system.  Course selection will depend on the student’s scores on the TOEFL Exam and high school course work.  Most international students will take their freshmen English course towards their major and a course on the American college success.

If you will be taking a math or chemistry course over the summer, you will be required to take a placement exam. It is imperative that you take this as soon as possible to ensure you are enrolled in the appropriate course. For more information, visit If you place into a prepatory chemistry or math course, you will be strongly encouraged to take these courses during Summer START. 

Additional courses no listed are available. We will work closely with your advisor to determine the appropriate classes for your specific curriculum, taking transfer and AP credits into account. 

Summer 2015 Anticipated Courses

College of Engineering:

Track 1: English 101, GEP, Engineering 115

Track 2: Math, Economics 201

Track 3: Chemistry 101, USC 100, Engineering 115

College of Education:

English 101, COM 110, USC 100

Poole College of Management:

Track 1: Math, COM 110 or STS 214

Track 2: English 101, COM 110, USC 100

International Dual Degree Program: MIE 201, IS 200

College of Sciences:

Track 1: English 101, COS 295, USC 100

Track 2: CH 111, GEP, COS 295

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:

Track 1: Biology 181, GEP

STEAM Program: SSC 185, CS 224 or PO 201

First Year College:

Track 1: ENG 101,SOC 202 or COM 110, USC 100

Track 2: Math, STS 214, USC 100

Track 3: ENG 101, GEP, USC 100


College of Textiles:

Track 1: Math 107/111/131, TT 105

Track 2: Chemistry 111, TT 105


College of Design:

Track 1: 3D Drawing, GEP

Track 2: 3D Drawing, English 101

College of Natural Resources:

For Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management and Professional Golf Management majors:

  • Math, GEP

For Forestry Majors:

  • PP 150, GEP

For Wildlife, Environmental, and Natural Resource Majors:

  • BIO 181, GEP

College of Humanities and Social Sciences:

Track 1: ENG 101, SOC 202

Track 2: ENG 101, PSY 200

Track 3: ENG 101, Intro course for major


Life Sciences First Year

Track 1: BIO 181, LSC 101, USC 100

Track 2: CH 111 or MA 111, LSC 101, USC 100

Track 3: ENG 101, LSC 101, USC 100

*GEP = General Education Program

  • Communications 110: Public Speaking

  • Foreign Languages-French

  • Foreign Languages-Spanish

  • Poultry Science 201

  • Political Science 201: Intro to American Government

  • Psychology 200

  • Sociology 202

  • Statistics 311

  • Science, Technology, & Society 214

  • Women and Gender Studies 304