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Summer START 2014 Mentors

Adrienne Hill
From: Fuquay Varina, NC
My name is Adrienne Hill. I am an Industrial Engineering major. I'm from Fuquay Varina, NC which is about 20 miles from Raleigh. So far in my two years at NC State I have been a peer mentor, a Summer START mentor last summer, as well as helping out with football recruiting. Currently I am a University Ambassador and work at The Joyner Visitor Center. Summer START is amazing because you are able to get a head start on school, meet GREAT friends, and really learn the campus while there aren't thousands of other students on campus. Summer START for me was great because I was able to get some motivation for my first semester in college both academically and socially after having a great time in the 5 weeks during Summer START!

Mark Bartel

From: Toronto, Canada

My name is Mark Bartel. I am a biomedical engineer with dreams of becoming a traveling surgeon. I am a student senator, as well as a member of various clubs, including Pre-health, BME, Engineering World health, and the NCSU Scholars Program. I am excited to work with Summer START students because attending the program was the best decision I made in college, and I want to make sure other students get the same experience. Outside of school, I have done 6 years of taekwondo and am a certified scuba diver.

Kevin Liu

From: Charlotte, NC

Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm majoring in Industrial Engineering. I grew up in a family concentrated in business, but I've grown a huge interest in engineering. To accommodate for that, I decided to pick Industrial Engineering as my major since it focuses on statistics and business. NC State was my priority school over UNC because of the atmosphere I felt while visiting the campus for the first time; I didn't even visit UNC after that! I'm a part of CUSA (Chinese Undergraduate Student Association) on campus but have also helped manage multiple events for other clubs. I decided to be a Summer START mentor because I wish to help the new freshmen succeed and make some new friends along the way.

Greg McClanahan

From: Murrells Inlet, SC

I’m a Physics and Statistics major. I chose NCSU because of the near endless opportunities, from research, to volunteering, to going to sports games. I want to go to law school to get my J.D., LL.M., and S.J.D. so I can work as a JAG for the U.S. Navy. After, I would love to work as a patent lawyer and/or a professor of law. On campus, I am a part of the SPS (Society of Physics Students),  a RA of the Scholars Village and part of the Scholars Program. Also, I am the founder of a non-profit here in Raleigh (Service Angels of Raleigh). I chose to be a part of Summer START because I wanted to make some friends and dive into my classes early. I want to be  a mentor because I want the incoming freshman to have a better experience than I had during my freshman year. I want to make sure they are prepared for college, and make the best of the opportunities that are presented to them. A fun fact about me is that I play over ten instruments.

Sofia Olaechea

From : Lima, Peru

Hi! I am Sofia Olaechea and I am an international student from Peru. My major is Fashion and Textile Design. I chose to be a Summer START mentor because I had an amazing summer last year as a student in the program and I hope you will too. I chose NCSU for their awesome textiles program. I am looking forward to see you all and welcome to the Wolf Pack!!

Saif Hassan

From: Apex, NC (originally Boston, MA)

I'm Saif Hassan, and I'm a rising sophomore in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and I moved to Apex (NC) when I was 11. My interest in engineering his was my main motivation in enrolling at NC State. Once I enrolled, I started getting emails about Summer START. I chose to do the Summer START program as a means of acclimating to school early and getting a taste of college to avoid getting in over my head when the school year actually started. I thought the program was really effective in doing that, and found myself super comfortable when school started. I currently am participating in the professional society of my major, and undergraduate research in the Chemical Engineering department. I chose to be a mentor because of how much I genuinely appreciated the program when I was in it. Outside of school, I'm really into frisbee, rap music, woodwind instruments, and teaching.

Michael Brown

From: Charlotte, NC

My name is Michael and I’m from Charlotte, NC. I am currently pursuing a computer science degree because I love computers. I actually chose to come to State because of its computer science program, and I'm glad I did because I have made many friends and learned so much here. I joined Summer START because I enjoyed it so much last year, and I want to be a guide to the incoming freshmen. I'd recommend this university and this program to anyone pursuing a career in a science/math field!

Kimberly Watson

From: High Point, NC

My name is Kimberly Watson and I am a biomedical engineering student from High Point, North Carolina. I went to a tiny high school with only 43 people in my graduating class, so coming into college I was hoping to go to a large university with good academics, awesome ways to get involved, and the chance to be able to meet all sorts of people. NC State provided me with everything I wanted and more. I decided to attend Summer START as soon as I heard about it because of the chance it offered to start your college career off right. Coming to NC State, I didn't know many people and this gave me the chance to form friends while also getting used to the rigor of classes and getting ahead in my credit hours. During my time here, I've gotten involved on campus through numerous organizations and communities, but I'm most active in my roles in the Women in Science and Engineering Living and Learning Community and in Student Government. I also love taking part in traditions and events on campus, even ones that you may not have heard about until you see it and I try to spend as much time out of my room as possible. As a mentor, I'm hoping to show incoming students how great our university is through the resources we provide and showing them the different ways to have fun while balancing school work.

Jonathan Thomas

From: Richlands, NC

I choose to be a part of Summer START because I know how important it is to have good first impression of college, and I wanted to make sure that the incoming freshman are able to experience that unique look at college through summer START. I choose NCSU because I could stay close to home while going to one of the best engineering schools in the country. Not to mention, there is a sense of pride in going to a college in your own state. I hope to eventually work in a nuclear power plant, or conduct research regarding the application of plasma-matter interaction. I really enjoy anything outdoors from longboarding and running, to surfing at the beach. Going to the movies and playing video games are some of my favorite things to do with friends.

Camerian Williams

From: Hope Mills, NC

Hey everyone, my name is Camerian! I'm from a small town in North Carolina called Hope Mills and I'm a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Criminology. I chose to be apart of Summer Start because I wanted to help and mentor incoming freshman. It's a passion of mine to serve through mentor and leadership and Summer Start was the perfect opportunity to do so. Choosing NC State for college was a milestone. I chose this school because it has one of the best research programs in the nation and the campus life is AMAZING.  After my many years of schooling, I plan to become a psychiatrist with the intentions of working with the United States government to treat soldiers returning from war and patients with mental disorders. While on campus I have had the opportunity to experience quite a few activities that include, Bujinkan, Peace Praise Team, Zumba, and Greek Life. I chose to become a mentor because of the support and friendships I made as a mentee. As a mentor I hope I can provide a support system and friendship that will motivate my mentees to excel in college. A fun fact that I like to share is that I'm a musician of three instruments; piano, guitar, and violin.

Hady Asad

From: Yanceyville, NC

My name is Hady Asad and I'm from a small town near the NC-VA border called Yanceyville. I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering here at NC State. I chose to come to NCSU because I wanted to be an Engineer and I love the campus. I wanted to get a head start on my Engineering class load and get to know the campus and people here better, so I decided to come to Summer START '13. It was one of the best experiences I've had. I hope to have a role in developing technologies to better the world in the future with the help of an Engineering Degree and skills I will learn during my NCSU experience. On campus I am involved with the University Scholars Program and have been to many on campus events throughout the year. I chose to become a mentor because I had a really impactful Summer START experience and I want to help to bring this experience to incoming students. Some fun facts about me are that I was a soccer referee for two years, I've probably made over 1,000 pizzas, and I know 3 languages.

Sabriya Dobbins

From: Fayetteville, NC

My name is Sabriya Dobbins and I am from Fayetteville, NC (Yes where J. Cole is from!). I am majoring in Animal Science and Social Work which means by the time I am done, I will be able to communicate with animals AND humans effectively. I hope to apply to Vet School after graduation and eventually open Dr. Dobbins’ Veterinary and Social Work Clinic. I chose to be a part of Summer START/STEAM because I did it last year and I loooooved it more than I thought I would. I want to be a mentor because, trust me, my advice could probably save your life and most importantly, I care about the future of the incoming generation.

Corinne Farrell

From: Raleigh, NC

My name is Corinne Farrell and I am a genetics major here at NC State. I was born in Albany, NY, but moved to Raleigh when I was 3 years old. I was a student in summer START last summer because I really wanted to get a head start on classes and meeting friends. I chose NC State because, believe it or not, it is the only university in the state with a genetics major and that is something I am really passionate in. After undergrad, I want to go to medical school to become either a pediatric geneticist or an orthopedic surgeon. Being a mentor has always been a aspiration of mine because I love being able to help people through a difficult or new experience. A fun fact about me is that I played trumpet in my high school marching band and I LOVED it.  

Breanne Burgess

From: Clayton, NC

Hi, I’m Breanne. I’m a biochemistry major. I came to NC State because, with its proximity to RTP, it offers great research opportunities. I hope to study and research biodiversity in different parts of the world. I came to summer start to get ahead of the other freshmen in my class/Not look like a freshman for the fall semester! (know my way around). I owe a tremendous amount of my success in my first year to the support of Owen and my mentor and it will be awesome to have the opportunity to help another group of freshmen succeed as much as my SS group did. Here at NC State, I’m involved with Scholars, NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars, service events, academic enrichment), and Student Alumni. Outside of school, I love watching crime television. If  this biochem thing doesn't work out I'd be a good private investigator :)

Kiarra Hicks

From: Coatesville, PA

I’m majoring in Sport Management and minoring in English and Law & Justice. My goal is to attend law school then go into sport public relations and crisis management for the NFL. I chose NC State because of the atmosphere. My tour really sold the campus to me. It has one of the top Sport Management programs in the country and I haven't had to come out of pocket yet to pay for school (out of state is hefty! Lol). I decided to be a part of Summer START because I wanted to get a jump start on college and learn the campus early. Now as a mentor, I want to give back to the program that has helped me so much academically and socially. I met some of my closest friends through the program and I want to be a resource and a friend to incoming freshman so they can have a similar positive experience. Here at NC State, I’m involved with DanceVisions Dance Company, University Ambassadors, and College of Natural Resources enrollment management and serve as the Recruiting Student Assistant with NC State Football. I am a hugeeeeeee Michael Jackson fan.

Jing Wu

From: Hangzhou, China

Hey guys, this is Jing. I am from Hangzhou, China. I am majoring in Environmental Engineering. The reason why I chose to be part of Summer START last summer was that I wanted to get involved in campus life earlier. With the help of my mentor, professors, and my friends, I became more independent, and I gained a deeper understanding of what college was. That's why I choose to be a mentor this summer: I can make a difference and have an impact on incoming students. I am proud of being a student here at NC State, one of the top schools for engineering!

Jaylyn Miller

From Asheville, NC

My name is Jaylyn Miller, a Sophomore Zoology Major from Asheville, NC. As most of you ( bare with me), North Carolina State was my first choice and dream school. I choose to become a Summer Start mentor for almost the same reason i did my freshman year, to get ahead. It takes a lot for me to give up my illustrious summer breaks but Summer Start has really helped me become acclimated to the campus. I initially wanted to be a Zoologist and train Tigers and such when I came here but as many of you will figure out, your mind will change. I am currently on the road to medical or nursing school. As far as campus involvement I am apart of the Impact Leadership Village (ask me about it) and a Student Coach/Walk On on the Football Program (long story). I like to workout, eat all types of things (especially debbie cakes), and play video games. If you want to know more before you meet me in person follow me on Twitter @iamjaylynmiller. #BestMentorInSummerStart  

Joe Mason

From: Stoneville, NC

My name is Joe Mason, and I'm a sophomore majoring in computer engineering and electrical engineering. Hailing from a small town called Stoneville, North Carolina (located between Greensboro and Virginia), I felt the transition to Raleigh would be an arduous one but Summer START helped me to build lasting and beneficial relationships with other students who participated in the program, as well as aided me academically by putting a couple of additional classes under my belt. I currently work as an IT professional for NC State in addition to my position as a START mentor. I love to play basketball and go hiking, as well as indoor activities like video games and ping pong. I love trying and learning new things from others and try my best to help others. I hope your pre-freshman summer was as great as mine - GO PACK!

Sam Lilley

From: Williamston, NC

Hey y’all, my name is Samantha Lilley and I’m from Williamston, North Carolina. I am majoring in Plant and Soil Sciences and I hope to work with GMO seeds one day. I chose to be a part of SummerSTART last summer to learn more about the campus and get a head start on classes. I decided to be a mentor this year because I loved the program and wanted to help the incoming freshman enjoy coming to college as much as I did. There is no better feeling than knowing you’re a part of the Wolfpack Nation. Go Pack!

Aubrey Brendle

From: Rural Hall, NC

Hey, my name is Aubrey Brendle and I am a soon to be sophomore here at NC state! I intend to major in chemical engineering with a specific focus in sustainable energy. I was born in a town called Rural Hall, NC, just outside of Winston-Salem, which is roughly two hours away from Raleigh.  Just last year I graduated high school and chose to attend Summer START. I really wanted to make connections with both my peers and those with influence.  I wanted to learn the campus and get an idea of what it would take for me to be successful here at NC State. Yet above all, I just wanted to make friends, experience new things, and make lasting memories. Now here I am, an upcoming mentor for the program, and hope to impart on my mentees the same things that were imparted on me.  I love making important, lasting connections with people.  Overall, I am greatly excited about meeting everyone this summer and learning from this great experience.  I hope I can make as great of an impact on you guys as I know you will make on me!

Christian Jones

From: Charlotte, NC

Hey there my name is Christian and I will be one of your Summer START mentors. I major in political science and reign from Charlotte, North Carolina. Since attending NC State I have been successful and wish to impart my knowledge through mentoring. After I graduate I wish to enter international politics, but that can easily change given the extensive opportunities this great school provides. That's all from me and I hope to meet you all very soon.

Matthew Pascarelli

From: Wilmington, NC (originally Long Island, NY)

My name is Matthew Pascarelli and I am a Computer Science major at NCSU. I am originally from Long Island, New York but have lived in Wilmington, NC for several years now. I chose to come to NCSU because it offered me the best environment to further develop my interests and skills as a computer scientist. My career goal right now is to continue to look at new and varied fields present in computer science and find research or employment opportunities that let me use my skills to advance that field in a meaningful way. Prior to NCSU, I was a student at UNCW as part of an early college program. As a student at UNCW I was able to participate in undergraduate research at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies in Identity Sciences. Here I assisted professors and graduate students with several federally funded projects involving face aging, bio-metrics, and other identity sciences. This amazing experience demonstrated to me the importance of becoming involved in my learning environment and to seek out whatever opportunities that are available to me. This was the primary reason I decided to apply for the START program and by extension why I continue to be a part of it. I believe programs that allow one to immerse themselves further into their college community and experience are enriching for all that are involved.

Jakini Kauba

From: Maxton, NC

Hello, I’m Jakini Kauba! I’m a mathematics major from Maxton, North Carolina. I am currently a tutor at the University Tutorial Center. I am involved in both the WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and Global villages as well as the gospel choir at PEACE church. I am a member of the University Scholars Program as well as an intramural basketball team. I desire to add Human Biology or Neurobiology as a double major so that I can prepare for my future career as a nurse, neurologist, radiologist, or other physician. I chose to be a part of Summer START because I wanted to experience college life before college life got the chance to experience me during my freshman year. I wanted to prepare myself early for what was to come in the fall semester. Fun fact about me: I was born on a military base in Tacoma, Washington and my name is Ancient Egyptian.

Luke Moore

From: Robbins, NC

Hello my name is Luke Moore and I am from a small town called Robbins, North Carolina. I am a Goodnight Scholar and part of the University Scholars Program majoring in Biomedical Engineering here are NC State. My career goal is to someday work in research and development of prosthetics. I chose to be part of the Summer START program because I would like to be able to help others be successful and I believe that the START program is an important pathway for freshmen to be successful in their college career.  

Summer Higdon

From: Matthews, NC

I graduated in May 2014 with degrees in Wildlife Biology and International Studies.  I am from Matthews, NC and chose to come to NC State because of the amazing community and opportunities for personal and professional growth. I hope to attend graduate school within the next three years and earn an M.S. degree in wildlife biology before pursuing a career with a natural sciences museum or wildlife agency.  I chose to be a mentor because I love NC State and I want to show incoming students how much they have to gain from attending this university.