Transfer Start Campus Living


Students participating in Transfer START have the option to live on or off campus.  There are two separate options for living on campus which are both based on availability.  The first option is living in the on-campus apartments, Wolf Village.  Wolf Village is an exciting apartment complex for NC State juniors, seniors, and graduate students.   To stay in Wolf Village for the summer students will be required to sign a year lease.

The second option to live on campus is the standard summer housing.  Students will sign a short term contract for their room during the duration of summer session II.  Any current NC State student that is taking classes in the summer is eligible to live in short term summer housing.   This second option will take place in one of the standard residence halls on main campus.

Students also have the opportunity to commute to campus and participate in Transfer START.  Transfer START staff will help facilitate the process of signing up for on campus housing, or work with University Transportation in helping commuters get parking permits.   No matter where you choose to live, Transfer START is a great option for students to get started towards success in the summer.