Transfer Start Courses


To be a part of Transfer START, students are required to take a minimum of 5 credit hours.  These 5 credits can be comprised of 3 credit hours of ENG 333: Communication for Science and research, and a 2 credit hour Interdisciplinary Studies course focused on Undergraduate Research and Professional development.  However, students will have the option to take up to 8 credit hours with other options available across disciplines. 

ENG 333 focuses on students becoming familiar with the purposes, audiences, and conventions of written commutation in the contexts they expect to work in after graduation.  Students will learn to recognize and construct effective arguments for a variety of audiences, which prepares students for upper level course work and beyond graduation.

The Interdisciplinary Studies course will focus on students becoming effective in research labs and the professional arena.  Students will be guided in the research process at NC State and learn how to get involved.  During the course students will do experiments in on campus labs and relate them to projects occurring at NC State.    The other half of the course will focus on professional development.  This section will focus on building your résumé and how to find internships, assistantships, or part-time work on or off campus.  Learning campus resources and your way around campus will also be a focus of the course.  By bringing all these areas together in one course we have tried to build a structure for students to get involved on campus and be successful during their time at NC State and beyond.